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Since 2002 PTC has undertaken a DOMESTIC RETAIL CAMPAIGN (DRC) channelled via the major wholesale partners of Sunlover Holidays (SLV) and Infinity Holidays (IH) to promote its member products to the frontline selling staff of domestic travel – the retail travel agent. The campaigns have proven very successful, generating in excess of $10 million a year via direct sales and the specifically created PTC holiday packages that are part of the campaign.

Detail of product inclusion for the upcoming campaign set for release April 2017, packaging and administration requirements would be finalised during the implementation phase of the project.


A core component of the success within the DRC has been the formulation of packaging using complementing product. This allows the agent to book a seamless simple holiday that includes all the basic components a client wishes for. This is a plus for the agent who sees this as a quick and easy way to make the booking and to increase their sale gross price and yield.